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Cancer Sun with Leo Moon

A person who has a Cancer Sun Leo Moon has an extraordinary combination, with that of the Leo Moon giving sensitive and creative Cancer the confidence to dream and create. You’re gifted, have capacity, and the most important thing, confidence to be successful in what you choose to accomplish.

Contrary to the majority of Cancers unlike most Cancers, you don’t feel the need to be cautious about your feelings. You can express your thoughts and feelings freely since you know who you are. The personal magnetism, charm and self-confidence will leave you with very little inhibitions, and help contribute to your success in the world. Success is extremely important to you, as your Leo nature has a deep desire for recognition, status and praise. The moment you feel content is when you’re confident that you’ve earned your respect and admiration as well, in some cases, the praise you believe is due to you in the world.

It’s rare to find a Cancer Sun Leo Moon individual that doesn’t possess unusually strong creativity. At one time or another in your life, you’ve been attracted toward the creative arts. Your creativity, determination and determination are a great asset to all fields that focus on aesthetics, including design, film music, architecture, and fashion to mention a few possible options.

If you’re born under the cancer Sun Leo Moon, pride and self-confidence are issues. While you’re patient and committed you’re not able to react well to criticism, and you have a difficult time accepting setbacks or the normal disappointments that gifted people will encounter in moving towards self-actualization. This is partly due to determination.

If you’re the sign of a Cancer sun Leo Moon, you feel intuitively “right” nearly all the time. No one will convince you that you are not. “How could anyone possibly doubt me?” you often wonder to yourself. Aristocratic rigidity in your attitude to changes or instructions could be a fatal fault.

Incredible beginnings and early progress are normal for those who have the Cancer Sun Leo Moon, however, the first moment you experience the loss or defeat could be painful. If your self-esteem or pride is wounded, it will take some time to heal. A martyr’s mental illness can be able to take over and you may be content in reminiscing about your brilliantness was not recognized by an unjust and undeserved world.

If you’re a person who has an Cancer Moon Leo Moon, it is important to be aware that regardless of in defeat, there’s always something to learn. Make sure to benefit from your experience and sound suggestions, or you’ll lose hope for a positive future.

If you’re born with the Cancer Moon Leo Moon, you have an intense desire to gain social acceptance. Your charisma and kindness draw people towards you. Be aware of the way you influence others for your benefit. With all your sympathies and empathy Your primary priority is your own wellbeing.

When you’re a Moon in Cancer Leo Moon, in romantic relationships you’re a thorn in the side If you are engaged in an affair that is smooth, you’re the ideal partner however, if things start to go negative, you look for the most convenient exit.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon individuals are very romantic and romantic however, they are primarily self-centered. In a position to give a lot, you want more in the return. In addition, you believe that you need to be constantly reminded of how amazing you are. This same adoration often affects your judgement in picking the perfect partner. You’re sexy and are likely to go home with the person you want to Be careful!


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