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Leo Sun with Aquarius Moon

When you’re an Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you’re calm and detached, and you display an extremely calm kind, almost innocent attitude. You are not frightened by tension, confusion, or the everyday things of life, as your vision is vast, expansive and abstract. Many would not be able to believe the determination, passion and far-sighted creative visions that you conceal underneath that casual exterior.

The Leo Sun Aquarius Moon combination The Sun as well as the Moon are in conflict which suggests that your childhood was likely to be challenging. The battle to overcome those difficulties in resulted in an inner sense of self-confidence and self-reliance in you. This also forced you to look at yourself from a different angle.

Contrary to the majority of Leos, with an Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you’re introspective and the knowledge you’ve acquired from studying yourself inspires you to help others. Since you are able to see the limitations of your abilities and appreciate the many talents you possess Your judgment is not distracted by self-importance or superficial thoughts.

Being the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, with your strong idealistic and compassionate beliefs, you’ve probably believed that you’ve got a job in your life. Whatever your mission might be, once you’ve seen it, you go after the goal with calm and unwavering determination.

If you’re an Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you’re never pompous or arrogant. You treat other people with respect, and most likely, you live your life in an unpretentious, modest manner. But there’s something that separates you from others Your approach to life lends you an appearance of apathy, and people find themselves drawn to you because they believe you are the one with “the solution.”

The majority of Leo Sun Aquarius Moon-related people have the potential to be leaders. The power of imagination and inner strength can help you to turn the dreams and ideas of yours into practice. You’re innovative and original and your answer to a problem can be the most creative. You see things from a broad , detached viewpoint, which could be the reason you are often apathetic and naive. The details can be overwhelming because you’re better at focusing on the larger perspective.

When you’re born with an Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, although you value reason however, you could have a remarkable sense of intuition and a strong instinct that can guide your decisions. You are averse to dislikes, likes, and even major decisions are typically determined by your feelings about the situation or person rather than your thoughts. However, there are occasions when complete belief in the power of your sixth sense may be risky for you and for others.

For those who have the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, when in an executive post, you will follow your instincts to a certain extent, however, you must be attentive to the facts. Be more able to adapt to the demands and opinions of your colleagues. It isn’t always easy to be the right person, so pay attention to the things your colleagues say every now and then. If you want to be truly inventive or constructive, it’s essential that you be able to work in accordance with the wishes of your colleagues.

It is important that the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon individual is also required to develop patience. If you experience excessive frustration, or you start to believe that your goals won’t get a chance to come true and you start to feel depressed, you could turn unsteady, indecisive, and even dictatorial. Be more realistic in your future plans by putting less obligation upon yourself in order to reach an unrealistic deadline. You’ll achieve success and also with lower wear and tear in the event that you’re willing to go step-by-step.

A Leo Moon Aquarius Moon in romantic relationships, you’re sensitive and emotionally connected towards your partner. You are not adamant enough to cut off a perfect relationship in the event that it begins to turn sour. You don’t have to wait around for your partner! Variety is the key to the Leo-Aquarian way of life, which means you’re likely to have many different experiences.


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